About Us


MFP Systems work with councils, developers, urban planners and architects to custom design street infrastructure that will cope with evolving technologies and the changing needs of communities. Our products provide sustainable solutions ensuring city and urban streetscapes remains functional, uncluttered and low-maintenance.

Our philosophy is to emphasise quality, to use Australia’s world class tradespeople, technicians and manufacturers, and to provide a strong ‘hands on’ and collaborative relationship with clients. With a priority on outcomes, we see a high standard of customer service as essential to continuing success.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the design and manufacturing of street infrastructure and related accessories, MFP Systems work to ensure the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of the poles is streamlined, on budget and delivered on time.

“Ensuring city and urban streetscapes remains functional”


MFP Systems promise to deliver sustainable multi-function poles and accessories that are developed by combining council’s needs with MFP System’s design and manufacturing experience with innovation.

MFP Systems will partner with the supply chain to ensure the delivery of a quality controlled, engineered against standards, fully costed and on-time production process.

MFP Systems will provide local council’s with a transparent business cycle that includes no obligation advice and support, prompt reporting and fixed costs.

“We design street infrastructure that will cope with evolving technologies and the changing needs of communities”


MFP Systems was founded by two industrial designers who since 1997 have been at the forefront of multi-function pole technology.

Adam Smith has worked extensively in North America, the Middle East, Shanghai, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Excelling in detail design and project management, Adam works with local authorities to ensure all regulations and standards are incorporated into successful product development and deployment.

John McLeod is an avid exponent of modular principles and has worked in the UK, Barcelona, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Darwin bringing multi-function pole technology from discussions through to installation. John routinely assesses industrial facilities and is an advocate of local manufacturing for local markets.